Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas has once again come and gone. What a great time of the year. We get to experience so many wonderful feelings. Getting together with family and friends. Partaking of a great array of foods and sweets. Listening to great and uplifting music. Hearing of the Savior's birth and the love of our Heavenly Father.

We get to decorate and light our homes in celebration of this wondrous time. I love to put the tree up. I must confess that over the past three of four years we've used a lighted fake tree. It reduces the stress 0f the event greatly. I remember how much my dad loved Christmas tree's, whether it was green or white flocked (he did love those white ones). One thing we don't do, at least in our home, that we did when I was young was the icicles. Once the lights were on and the ornaments hung we put the icicles on... one strand at a time... and it was something in the neighborhood of 25 or 30 boxes. It was so beautiful when we were done.

This year Chris and Debi came from Chicago to visit. It was great having them and their children in our home. It was fun to have them opening presents and seeing their excitement. Over Christmas and the following day or two we got to see all of our local grandchildren. Here in this picture we have Chris, Kirk and Pat's kids... cute (beautiful) kids all. L-R: Ella, Corbin, Lucy, Nicholas, Thomas, Lexie, Jack, Christopher holding Red, Liam and Guy on the floor. In fact all with last of Jackson which puzzled a couple of the younger ones.

On Saturday night Chris invited a bunch of his friends from years past. During that event we had 13 kids between 6 mos. and 8 years. All-in-all we had 19 adults plus the kids. Brother and Sister Romney and Bishop and Sister Jensen showed up also. Scottie Jensen looked over where we three old men where sitting on some stools and said we looked like the old Muppet's in the balcony.

So Christmas 2008 has passed but we shall have the memories for a long time to come.


Fort Family said...

It sounded like a fun Christmas for you and Mom. I wish we could have been there to share it with you. Where is the picture you were talking about with all the grandkids that came over to the house?

Nichole said...

I remember helping grandpa decorate the tree when we were little. He would put on an old Christmas album and just sit back and watch us help grandma decorate the tree. Glad you had a great Christmas.

Nichole said...

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